Communication is Key in Homecare

Aging, disabilities, and chronic illness make it difficult and challenging for individuals to care for themselves.  That’s where we come in……health aides can help.  Health Aides improve the quality of life with hands on care and kindness.  For many, Health Aides become trusted friends.

Family membrs may be worried about a loved one recovering after surgery or who is weak and forgetful, and they turn to us to provide excellent and reliable care.  We may be needed on a full time basis, or just be helping hand from time to time.  Our responsibility is a great one.  We are being entrusted with someone’s loved one; a parent, sibling, cCommunication is keyhild or friend.

As with many issues in health care, communication is key.  If your patient suddenly becomes rude or stubborn or starts acting differently from the way they normally do, this kind of behavior can actually be masking health problem.

If this occurs with your patient, it is very important that you contact your agency, physician and family members.  Remember, communication is key.