R.M. & P.M.
Orange County

“Lucienne Knox is always on time to work. She comes in, and does her work without being told what to do. She does the little things that help make life better for you, and she treats you the way she would want to be treated. Because she knows and cares that if she was in their place, she would want to be treated and have things done that way.”

G.M. and B.M.
Rockland County

We have three of your aides assisting us. All three are pleasant, reliable, skilled and willing workers. They help to keep things clean and orderly. Their help is so discreet that we don’t even know  they are here except when we call on them to help with something. Jesula Musac is agreeable, hard-working, intelligent, and cheerful. She dresses in a fashionable way and interesting way. She is always on the alert for what needs to be done and doesn’t wait to be asked to do it. Laurencia Bentongu is a bright, willing helper, often whistling or singing. Mandy Baiden is very solicitous for my wife’s health. She goes out of her way to help. We are very satisfied with all three.

Orange County

“Kimberly Irby is a wonderful person. She loves me and my family as if we are her own family. She is a very dependable and hardworking employee. I am very pleased with all of the hard work that she has done for me. This company would have a hard time finding an aide that has more love and compassion for their clients.”

A.G.M.H. daughter of M.F.
Orange County

“Carla Wells is a delightful, patient, loving, and caring aide. She is always pleasant and understanding of my mother’s needs. She is quick to respond to all of them with gentleness and concern. We feel fortunate to have her with us. Our other aide, Lusia Smith is a sweet, extremely compassionate woman who is very much in tune with my mother’s care. She is always patient, gentle, and willing to go to whatever level necessary to keep my mother happy. She is wonderful and we feel fortunate to have her with us also. I am thrilled to share our thoughts of these great women with you.”

Orange County

“If you ask me what the best thing Heather does, I would say vacuuming. She does an excellent job attacking the carpeting and couch especially. She also accepts me for who I am, and I appreciate that the most. She is also great at doing errands, and doing the dishes, and putting them away. Heather is a pleasure to have around”.

C.V. for L.L.
Rockland County

“Rosie Betten has been an aide to my Grandma for over two years now. As my grandma says nearly every day, she is so lucky to have Rosie taking care of her. Rosie does all the “jobs” she is supposed to do such as bathing and feeding Grandma and she helps keep her apartment clean too. She also helps my grandma keep her house organized so she can get around without getting hurt. My grandma really appreciates all this. Rosie does all these things with such attention to detail and kindness. She looks out for my grandma like she is her own mother. She really cares about Grandma, and this shows through in everything she does. My grandma feels so comfortable and safe with Rosie. This makes our whole family feel secure and thankful for Rosie. Thank you Rosie!

Regine is just the most responsible, loving aide I’ve ever had for Mom. She is very caring, respectful, and they have loads of fun. She is just what Mom needs. The laughter between them is just wonderful. This keeps Mom alert and responsive every moment they are together. We just love her. Thank you so much!

“I’ve only had my aide Dianna for a couple of days now , and she is such a nice person. I like very much the way she does her work. She’s an excellent companion, and she makes me feel good. I love the way she greets me every morning with a smile. I am so happy with her.

Orange County

“In reference to my aide Terri Carter: Terri is delightful to be with. She is always punctual and shows up for work full of energy. Terri has hands on care for bathing and personal care and is personal at all times with me. Her breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always prepared daily and delicious. I feel blessed to have a dedicated aide along with her interest in me and making me secure to be in my own home”.

Rockland County

“Tzirel Yurman is wonderful! From the beginning, she observed closely and watched carefully how I like to do things and where I keep utensils and supplies. Which means that I was not burdened with lengthy or too many explanations during her “orientation.” For example, she noticed right off that I had, on the kitchen table, a daily “to-do” list, and was following it. How astonished I was that on day #2 that she was already following it too, before I had even gotten up that morning, and before my having to point it out to her! All that she does is selfless, and in a warm and friendly manner. So isn’t “wonderful” the only word for Tzirel?”

Rockland County

“She is very prompt and helpful (In reference to aide Sabine Dossous). One time I was in the shower and I went to get the soap. I lost my balance, and she literally caught me…Just thank G-d every day I have her here to help me”.

Westchester County

“My aide is extremely nice and friendly (In reference to aide Tiara Ruiz). She takes very good care of me and is well-responsive, kind, and anything I need she gets for me. She is probably the best I’ve ever had”.


“Ama treats me like I am a member of her own family. She is very thorough and caring”.


“Kim has been with me since I had a stroke 3 or 4 years ago…there Is not one thing I can tell you, but many…She approaches each day as a new challenge. She sees what has to be done and does it. Kim is friendly, loyal and efficient…if you were to come to my home you would see firsthand the care that she gives to me and my home. She is a joy…I thank you kindly for your sending such a great aide.”

T.B. wife of B.B.

“We have two aides, Carline, and Alliance. They are both true assets to our household…they are attentive, helpful, loyal, honest, caring and have become true friends to our family. Their dedication gives us such comfort, to know they are here for us. We value their commitments and hard work. My husband is very comfortable with them and fees secure in knowing they are there”.

Mary is great! She takes wonderful care of me, and she helps me by taking great care of my apartment. She has a pleasant way about her, and I am grateful for all that she does for me. She is very organized and efficient, and I greatly appreciate her!”

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